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What is the 10 Days of Connection?

The 10 Days of Connection is a community-wide initiative to build empathy, kindness and connection across lines of difference. Over 10 days, we challenge everyone in our community to get to know someone not like them, in whatever way they are ready.

The 10 Days of Connection began in 2017 in Miami-Dade and continued in 2018 in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Learn more about the 10 Days of Connection in 2017!

2018 Host Committee

This initiative is built and supported by these amazing members of the host committee:

How did the 10 Days of Connection come to life?

In late 2016, leaders from five Miami organizations heard locals expressing a need for stronger relationships, deeper understanding, widespread kindness, and increased empathy.

These leaders -Roberta Shevin (MCCJ), Nancy Ancrum (Miami Herald), Stephanie Sylvestre (The Children’s Trust), Rebecca Mandelman and Matthew Beatty (The Miami Foundation), Tammy Klingler (United Way of Miami-Dade), and Claudia Grillo – came together and decided to take action.

With support from Radical Partners, they dreamed up Connect Miami, a community-led initiative focused on building empathy, kindness, and connection across lines of difference. The kickoff for this community-wide initiative was the “10 Days of Connection,” a challenge to everyone in Miami-Dade to build meaningful relationships across lines of difference.

The Founders

Stephanie Sylvestre, CPO/CIO

Roberta Shevin, Executive Director

Rebecca Mandelman, Vice-President for Strategy and Engagement
Matthew Beatty, Director of Communications

Nancy Ancrum, Editor, Editorial Page

Tammy Klingler, Chief Strategy Officer & Claudia Grillo, Former Chief Operations Officer

The Creator & Producer

Radical Partners is a social impact accelerator tackling issues that matter to the future of Miami by rallying the community to meaningfully engage in solutions and by supporting outstanding leaders who are strengthening the city. Initiatives include Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, Leadership Lab, and 100 Great Ideas. 

Miami-Dade Project Lead: Radical Partners

Broward Project Lead: Cori Flam Meltzer. Cori Flam Meltzer was inspired to expand 10 Days of Connection into Broward County through her participation in the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program, a collaboration among the presidential centers of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon Johnson. Cori is a legal mediator and principal of CFM Mediation, as well as a Board Member of the Community Foundation of Broward and City Year Miami. Cori is a South Florida native who is passionate about creating a space where people can reach across lines of difference to learn from one another and make our community stronger.