#ThursdayGathering | Breaking Stereotypes of the Middle East!

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During the 10 Days of Connection, challenge yourself to connect across lines of difference. There are many ways to do that: share a meal with someone you wouldn’t normally cross paths with, read a book or watch a movie that highlights the beauty of connection, take part in #MiamiWalks to get to know a new neighborhood, etc.! Check out and RSVP to the many opportunities to connect below, and if you’d like to host a connection experience, learn more on the Host page!

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This event will aim to bring people together by breaking stereotypes on a region which is often seen as inflicted with war, destruction, or other problems. Audience members will first listen to a podcast episode clip created by Kerning Cultures, a podcast series that aims to raise awareness and break stereotypes on the Middle East.

Participants will then participate in an interactive discussion, where audience members will be encouraged (in 2-3 mins maximum) to both share a stereotype they may have had about a certain ethnicity/race/religion and also about their own experiences leaving their own homes and countries behind.

The aim of the discussion is to show that stereotypes break us apart, while our diversity brings us together and shows us that we have more in common than we may think.


Accessibility: We seek to make this event as accessible as possible to individuals of all different abilities and needs and will provide the following accommodations: accessible for anyone with mobility issues, moveable seating for people with disabilities, and hosts at the doors to assist attendees that require special services. Upon request, Kerning Cultures can provide accessible documents for people with visual impairments and a nursing room.

Unfortunately, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will not be available at the event (but if you’d like to volunteer, reach out!). For those with accessibility questions or in need of additional accommodations, please send an email to leyladoss@gmail.com. Please submit additional accommodation requests at least 24 hours in advance of the event.