For Ten Days, I’m Breaking Out Of My Echoing Chamber (Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, Radical Partners)

This is my kid. He doesn’t know this man. But the two of them sat together and played guitar today and it didn’t matter that they didn’t share the same language. Or religion. Or country of origin. Ethnicity. Generation. It. Didn’t Matter.

Sometimes I wish our world had the spirit of a three-year-old.

We live in an algorithm-era where what we already like determines what news we will see, what advertisements we receive, and what connections we make. Our status quo self-perpetuates like an echoing chamber, reinforcing our love for what we already know.

It’s time to break free of the echoing chamber.

For the next ten days, my team is creating Miami’s first ever “10 Days of Connection” in partnership with some incredible local organizations and leaders. It’s an experiment. What will happen when thousands of people push themselves to build meaningful relationships across lines of difference? We all wanted to know, and here’s what we’re seeing so far.

Gatherings. There will be more than 65 different connection experiences happening across town… the vast majority of which are free and open to the public. Visit a mosque for the first time. Learn about migrant workers. Play basketball with the police. Dialogue with transgender locals. Play a board game with a complete stranger. And on. And on.

Non Events. Personal challenges. Invite someone different from you to just do lunch. Consider a perspective or group of people you’ve avoided, and push yourself to explore it this week.

I don’t know exactly what to expect…but what I can say is this. Thousands of people across Miami this week are going to be pushing themselves across lines of difference. Including me.

I hope you’ll join me. In whatever way feels meaningful to you. Because I suspect our worlds will be far more beautiful when we dissolve our echoing chambers and sit like people together, finding common ground across whatever barriers we may perceive.

You know. Like 3-year olds do.

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey is the CEO and Founder of Radical Partners, a social impact accelerator tackling issues that matter to the future of Miami by rallying the community to meaningfully engage in solutions and by supporting outstanding leaders who are strengthening the city.

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