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Be a Connector

During the 10 Days of Connection, we invite individuals and organizations to participate in any way that feels right to them. Consider hosting a connection experience to increase understanding, empathy, kindness and connection in our city.

Connection Experience Ideas

Explore a few ideas for connection experiences below, and be sure to check out the Connection Experience document for additional inspiration! Keep in mind that these samples are meant to spark ideas, not pigeon-hole them. We encourage you to think outside of the box and create something that is personally meaningful, relevant, and inspiring to you.


Invite a small group of neighbors and acquaintances to get to know one another over a meal. Extend the guest list beyond your typical social circle, and push conversation towards deeper understanding of one another.


Organize a historic/architectural tour of a neighborhood in Miami. Invite people outside of your network to join in to celebrate the historical and physical beauty of Miami’s communities.


Teach a yoga class in a new community. Embrace underutilized or unfamiliar spaces and invite people of all ages, genders, races, and places to participate and unite over a shared interest in health and wellness.


Bring a group of people to an elderly home/center for a walk around the block. Partner folks together to walk and learn more about each other’s life stories.

Once you have an idea about what type of connection experience you’d like to host, let us know! Sharing info with us about your experience will allow us to better support you in the planning process and help spread the word about your event on our website and via social media, should you be interested!

Check out the full list of connection experience ideas!

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If you have any questions about hosting a connection experience, or want someone to bounce a few ideas off of, please feel free to sign up for office hours.

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