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Miami is a city with some pretty deep divides: geographic, cultural, and economic. But it’s also a city where, in the best moments, all those differences come together into something messy and great.

That’s why Radical Partners partnered with five other local organizations to launch 10 Days of Connection: to make those moments happen, and to build empathy, kindness, and connection across Miami’s lines of differences (we all know the world could use a little more of that right now).

Last year was the initiative’s first year. During the 10 days, a group of transgender Miamians shared their deeply personal transition stories and living life trans. A mosque opened its doors to the community. Women spoke about their generational differences. People invited strangers to dinner. Dozens of encounters like these happened all over the 305.

Tomorrow, 10 Days of Connection begins again. More than 160 organizations have come together to host at least 70 events across the county for all of us to connect IRL. And this year, we’re partnering with Radical Partners on a Facebook group that anyone can join to be part of the 10 Days challenge.

Our goal? To connect beyond those IRL moments and keep the conversations going. There will be daily connection challenges and plenty of tips for neighborhood exploration, movies, books, and food. Someone is already crowdsourcing a dope Spotify playlist featuring artists from different cultures.

So join us. Step outside your comfort zone. Walk a new neighborhood (there will be 18 neighborhood tours on May 5).  Hear youth share about the solutions they’re working on for the violence they’re facing in the neighborhoods and schools. Come on out to a massive music jam on May 9. (You can find the whole calendar of events –  70 of them! – here.)

We’ll see you in the group and face to face soon.


What: 10 Days of Connection

Who: Radical Partners and their five partners (The Miami Foundation, Miami Herald, MCCJ, The Children’s Trust and The United Way of Miami-Dade). You! Us! Anyone who wants to have a little more understanding of this amazing, multi-faceted city.

Where: The 10 Days of Connection Facebook group and any of these events

Why: Because Miami is better when we break out of our silos

When: May 1 through May 10


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