Radical Conversations Reach Thousands

Umut Dursun, YES Institute

Facebook Live – 4,000 Views and Counting

Questions about “transgender” abound—pronouns, restrooms, workplace policies, medical procedures…—which can obscure the life and death obstacles facing people who pursue a gender transition. As part of Connect Miami, a 10-day challenge to get people to engage across diverse communities, YES Institute speakers helped demystify the transgender experience by sharing their personal stories.

“We’re Latino and growing up in black and brown communities can be tough in the machismo culture that there is, as well as growing up religious. That made it difficult for my mom to accept that I was ‘different’—not the son she had always envisioned.” – Jubilee, college student

“I’ve been barred from the bathroom quite a few times. That’s a terrible, terrible experience. Extremely embarrassing. In my former job, I was talked about, discriminated against, treated differently. I was really in survival mode.” – Kezia, Broward County Public Schools

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Big thanks to Rebecca Fishman Lipsey and Radical Partners for creating and producing this groundbreaking event, and for your partnership as we work together to unify our great city!

“Connect Miami is all about pushing people to build bridges across lines of difference. There’s no better way to build empathy than through dialogue.” – Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, CEO Radical Partners

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