Tell Us How Your Connection Experience Went

Tell Us How Your Connection Experience Went 2017-04-13T18:26:02+00:00

Thank you so much for hosting a connection experience! Please use this form to share with us how it went.

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How many guests attended your experience?

How did guests connect across lines of differences at your experience?

What types of conversations and/or activities did guests participate in?

Were there challenges in connecting? If so, how did guests handle these challenges?

What takeaways do you have regarding connection in our community after hosting your experience?

Please upload photographs from your connection experience. If you have more than 5 photos you’d like to share, please email them to Sarah Emmons (s@radicalpartners.net)

May we use quotes from your above responses and your photos in future materials for Connect Miami?

Please upload contact information for your guests (excel sheet, photo of sign-in sheet, etc.). We will send guests a very short survey to ask about their experience with the 10 Days of Connection and will let them know of future Connect Miami events.

Were there any materials we provided (invitation templates, sign-in sheets, etc.) that were particularly useful to you in planning and/or executing your experience? Are there any additional materials you’d suggest we provide to hosts for future experiences?

Please use this space to share anything else you’d like to with our team - either regarding your experience or any thoughts/feedback you want to share on the Connect Miami initiative.